Party Poison in training.

Posted: December 22, 2011 by partypoison723 in fresh meat

Nothing gives me that feeling of accomplishment as much as roller derby does.

I’ve been a “freshie” in SCRG for about 2 and a half months now and even I feel like I have come such a long way.
In the beginning I felt a pretty behind because I basically bought my skates and went to tryouts. I didn’t make it the first round (and had no right to, I knew that) and came back after taking a few beginner classes at Crystal Palace with Warren Peace and was invited back to Freshie practice.
Right away I noticed that everyone else generally knew how to skate and I was still extremely goofy footed. But even after just 2 hours of practice I could always feel how much better I had gotten. I refused to let the fact that I had the least experience get to me. It wasn’t a bad thing it was just a thing, a fact.  And soon I could hold my own with the other girls. The only things I really struggled with were crossovers, 25 in 5, and stopping (t stops and plow stops right now).
The first time I did the 25 in 5 it was more like 25 in almost 9 minutes and it was so embarrassing to finish so far behind everyone else but the the harder I worked the faster I got and I would just shave 1 whole minute off the time and then now I am down to 5 minutes and 40 seconds. That seems to be where I am stuck but I know once I nail that crossover it won’t be any trouble at all.
I finally started breaking through when Bone Eata told me to do crossovers in my shoes when I am walking. Instead of  turning a corner normally, do a crossover. So I started doing that and the next practice I finally could lift my skate and place it in front of the other. Unfortunately, this was a week before skills and I hadn’t improved my time yet so I knew that I most likely would not be passing. But I also didn’t expect to be the only one not passing. I mean there is no way that I wanted anyone else to “not pass” with me and I was so excited for everyone but I was surprisingly upset when I got in my car.
But anyway, Stella Blue (our Freshie coach) has been still having practices for me and inviting FAST girls and anyone who wants to get a good endurance practice in so I’ve been skating with different girls. DVS Dicer (who happens to be my big and also happens to be super rad) has also lead a practice or two since skills.

But today was super awesome because it was just Stella and I having a one on one practice at the Fab Lab. A few other girls were supposed to come out but ended up not making it. So I did some laps and warm ups ad Stella showed me a video tutorial and demonstrated what it went over. So I went for it and actually did and and STELLA STARTED CRYING! I didn’t believe it at first but I skated over to her and tears were literally coming down from her eyes. I was/am so so so so touched! She even posted this on facebook “Shared a GREAT one on one practice session with Claudia PartyPoison Ramirez. I’m SO PROUD of those crossovers Girl!”
Ahhhh! It makes me so happy!

Skills test, here I come!

  1. Kim Newsom says:

    So awesome. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. I hope to be among fresh meat with you soon!! and I’m feeling a little better about possibly not making it right away. I’ll just keep at it! Thanks again and keep up the great work!!!

    • I kind of think of try outs as a permit test and skills as a drivers license test. It really stings when you don’t make it but you just have to keep working at it and working at it until you pass.
      One thing I’m really excited for once I pass and get pretty good is to go help the new freshies!

  2. lil raskill says:

    As fresh meat I was so scared I was going to be goofy footed too. I was all over the place and doing superman dives into the ground. I was so happy to grow with my fellow freshies and learn with everyone. I learned to much in the time I was with Stella and Diver. Having Veterans come in was an inspiration as well as going to see the games. Watching all the skaters show off there best moves was amazing. I even remember one time after watching The Force do some crazy moves and trying to replicate the moves in the parking lot (failing miserably). It doesn’t matter if you don’t get anything at first but practice makes perfect. How will you ever know how to something if you don’t try your best. Watching you party poison 🙂 has made SCRG freshie training a time to remember. You were always there even trying harder than me, even at skills you rocked off your socks haha. I will be joining freshie practice again so don’t feel alone ever because ill be there when you take that skills test!!!

  3. Sticky says:

    Awww!!! You make me so proud, girl! I am beaming ❤ ❤ ❤

  4. Sonya Race says:

    So glad you created this blog. I have been contemplating trying out for a couple of years, but stopped due to my age (40) and not being on skates enough. This shows I should just go for it – goofy feet and all. Thanks for posting!!

  5. deweydecksemall says:

    It’s seriously inspiring to read about how hard you’ve worked. Keep going, girl! I can’t wait to skate with you!

  6. Guns says:

    I loved this…Your determination is such an inspiration!

  7. Tallulah Backhand says:

    I love to see how much you and the other freshies have improved just in the few short months I’ve known you! You are a huge inspiration to future freshies and you remind me every time I see you of why I joined in the first place. I hope more ladies thinking about joining have a chance to read this and follow their dreams of being a bada$$ rollergirl. It takes hard work, commitment and lots of heart and determination but all of that is clearly paying off for you! Keep it up Poison!!

  8. Dicer says:

    I’m SOOO proud of my ‘Little’!!!! I wish I would have known about the other days that you were practicing…. I would have been there!! : ( We’ll get those crossovers before you know it! ; )

    I am here for you, and all the other freshies, whenever! I love my Wednesdays and all the girls (and Noe!) and I can’t wait to start another season of coaching!

    Here we go ladies…. Get ready!


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