Eat Nails, Grrrrrrrrrrr!!!

Posted: February 1, 2013 by foulher127 in fresh meat, roller derby
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“Eat Nails, Grrrrrrrrrrr!!!!” That was our nightly huddle chant after practice when I first joined the Fresh Meat Boot Camp of the Fabulous Sin City Rollergirls.
I went to my first Roller Derby Bout in January 2012. It was the Season 7 opener. I was hooked. I immediately decided that I was going do Roller Derby before the bout was even over. I was scared, I was excited, I filled out and deleted the online interest form at least ten times. I went to another bout, this time I actually talked to a skater. I found out that the next boot camp was coming up soon so I HAD to fill out the online interest form if I didn’t want to miss out. A few more bouts and then I finally got the e-mail. They scheduled the intake meeting and the on skates evaluation. Time to gear up! Well, I made through and the adventure began.
My first boot camp started out with over 30 girls! It was crazy. After the first month, we dwindled down to about 25. Then it happened……..
I broke my freakin’ ankle! No, I don’t even have a cool story. I fell, yes, I just lost my footing and fell! See, boring and not exciting at all. I was so determined and so driven that even while I was laying in a hospital bed after surgery to implant a plate and 11 screws into my ankle, I was thinking about skating again. I never missed a practice, okay, I missed two. Hey, I was in the hospital! What do you want? I watched girls that couldn’t even think about doing a crossover when we started, progress into amazing skaters. It pained me sometimes to sit there and watch everyone move on without me but I still didn’t want to miss a thing. I was still determined. The boot camp finished and 21 girls passed the skills test and moved onto getting drafted by teams. I was happy for all of them, but I couldn’t wait to catch up.
Another boot camp started and I was still gimping around. Another surgery to remove one of the screws and I was cleared for full weight bearing. Three months and three weeks after I broke my ankle….. I was back in skates. Physical therapy was going great and my Doctor cleared me. Granted, I could not do half of the stuff I could do before the break but I was just thrilled to be back on the track.
I jumped right back into the current boot camp, it felt amazing. I took my time and tried not to push myself too hard. After a while, we finally got to the good stuff. The hitting! A lot of the girls were more concerned about my ankle than I was. Nobody wants to be the one to re-injure a skater. When I realized that some girls were holding back on me, I started thinking….. I don’t want anyone to ‘take it easy’ on me, where’s the fun in that? I was giving it all I got, okay, maybe not all but I was doing my damnedest. I started thinking, “How can I still skate without getting the crap beat out of me just yet?” And there it was, the answer. The rules changed. The WFTDA (Women’s Flat Track Derby Association) revised the rules for Flat Track Roller Derby. I decided to spend a season as a referee. What better way to learn the new rules than by enforcing them?!? I get to skate without being ‘intentionally’ hit. So far, being a Ref has been tough but fun. I finished out boot camp and passed my skills test (Yay!) I’ve only been refereeing our closed scrimmages since I still have so much to learn but I am still loving every minute of it!

Amy Farrah Foul-Her

Next Month: Just take the fall….

  1. NiKKi:D says:

    You go guurrrrl! ❤ your face and your determination. You are a very admirable skater!!! I look up to you for all your breakthroughs and positivity! Keep being awesome!

  2. amymosey says:

    Great Story, amazing how we all go through these feelings together at some time during our Derby Journey!

  3. Biz says:

    Great narrative. You are my broken ankle idol! 🙂

  4. Jennifer Mead says:

    I broke my hand during my boot camp trying out for Reno Rollergirls. I actually passed all my skills tests in my cast. Then, I broke my back and had surgery a year ago. I am all cleared now and I am going to try out for your team. I know how it feels. No matter how hurt you get, it’s more of an incentive to push forward.

  5. banana says:

    When and where are fresh meat bootcamps held?

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