Just take the fall….

Posted: April 1, 2013 by foulher127 in fresh meat, practice, roller derby
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So… shortly after I broke my ankle, RollerCon happened. I hadn’t bought a pass because, obviously, I knew it wouldn’t do me too much good. But, I did go to the convention and enjoy the massive Derby Wedding (a MUST attend if you go to RollerCon. It’s AWESOME!). While I was there I had the chance to talk to a lot of skaters and of course, as someone new to the world of Roller Derby, I had a lot of questions. I had the perfect conversation starter for any situation. My hands free crutch! I have a toddler to chase around, crutches were NOT working for me, and the walker I had after I got out of the hospital was even worse. The iWalk is a hands free crutch and it is one of the greatest inventions I have ever had the pleasure of using. Seriously, everywhere I went people would want to talk to me. Especially at RollerCon. As I would “walk by” someone being pushed in a wheelchair by someone or someone struggling on crutches to keep up with their friends. Stares of bewilderment and amazement. I even had an Orthopedic Surgeon from Canada ask if he could take a picture. So if you’re curious, here it is http://iwalk-free.com/

So, when skaters would come up to me to ask about my handy dandy crutch, I would ask them one simple question… “How do you avoid falling backwards?” You know, because one of the first rules of falling in Derby is to fall ‘forward’. That’s what knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards are for, right? We’re always told to “fall forward”. I’ve seen it before, I know it doesn’t always work that way. People fall on their butts. Skaters get epic bruises on their backsides from falls and some even fracture a tailbone every now and again. There is no way to totally avoid a backwards fall, I get it! There’s no way to avoid falling…. period. The best advice I got from all of the skaters I spoke with was almost the same every time. “Take the fall. Just take the fall. Don’t fight it, just fall.” I know skaters that are terrified of falling because they’re even more terrified of getting hurt. Well, every time they fall, they’re the ones that end up getting hurt. Why you ask? Because they’re fighting the fall. I fought my fall big time! It won.

When I finally got back on skates (Three months and three weeks later. Thank you very much Herbalife supplements and physical therapy!) I was anxiously awaiting my first fall. I knew it was coming, and I was ready. It happened and guess what, I got right back up. Then it happened again, and I got up again. Sure, it hurt. Sometimes it really hurt! But every time, I was able to get back up. Don’t get me wrong, falling backwards still kinda freaks me out, especially when I see someone else falling backwards. The most important thing I learned while finishing out Boot Camp was to take the advice of all of the seasoned skaters I talked to during RollerCon. “Just take the fall…”. Will you look like an idiot, probably. Will it hurt, most likely. Will you survive, definitely! So, my advice to Fresh Meat… learn how to fall properly, don’t fight it, and learn the rules too. Always learn the rules! But that’s just the referee in me talking now…

  1. NiKKi:D says:

    ❤ your advice… Going with the flow of the fall, it makes sense. Amazing how quickly you recovered! You are badass!! Thanks for writing this blog post! 🙂

  2. Rocky says:

    The i walk hands free crutch is freaking genius. holy crap! I wish I had one of those when I broke my ankle and had hardware installed. My whole leg went through atrophy. It wouldn’t of if I had had this.

    • foulher127 says:

      Yes! I was so glad that I found this. I was surprised that more people in the Roller Derby Community had not discovered it.

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